March 1st, 2023 is Our First Day on Elbow St.

The time has come to say Goodbye to our old location on 91 Hope St. March 1st is the day we open doors at our new location on 29 Elbow St. in Providence!  It’s been a great 10 years and we look forward to many more amazing years at our new location. Thank you to all of our customers for your loyalty and patience as we move forward with our new beginning and a fresh new look. Cheers! Cheryl, Zac, David and Roger. 

We Are Moving To 29 Elbow Street

After 10 amazing years on Hope St. in Providence, RI, Chez Moustache is moving to 29 Elbow St. in Providence RI. The exact date will be announced in our upcoming posts on Instagram. For all of our wonderful loyal patrons our phone number will remain the same. Here is a sneak peak at our new location on Elbow St. Stay tuned for the date of our re-opening in our new location. We will also be reaching out to all of you with the exciting news and information.  

Check us out on NBC 10

NBC’s TV Host Meaghan Mooney interviewed our Chez Master Barber, Cheryl Dumont on tips for beard and moustache taming and trimming, as well as, eyebrow trimming. We will be contacting our beard and moustache clients as to when we can start booking appointments for trims.

Click on link below to watch Master Barber Cheryl Dumont talk with Meaghan Mooney at “Studio 10” on NBC 10

Getting to Know You

Zachary Gouldrup Chez Moustache Barber

Zachary Gouldrup Chez Moustache Barber

Zachary has been a licensed barber for nearly a decade. He is happily married and, along with his cat and dog, has three beautiful children who fill up his house and heart.

Zac lives on a farm and enjoys searching for treasures with his trusty metal detector. He is a sports aficionado, and is a loyal fan of the Boston Celtics. Zachary has “game” in the barber chair as well — where he brings excellence to his craft. He also brings a great sense of humor, and a love of good conversation with his clients.

Our “Beard Master” David Dacier

David Dacier Chez Moustache Barber

Born and raised in Rhode Island, David comes from from a hardworking family. His father is a retired veteran of the USPS with 35 years as a mail carrier. David’s mother is an entrepreneur, and runs her own successful Korean restaurant.

Before graduating from Barber School, David worked for 10 years in the construction field. David is fond of the one thing that construction and barbering have in common — which is working with his hands.

David’s dexterity in the wood shop doesn’t stop there. He is skilled in art of scissor over comb hair cutting and chops a mean line in his clients beards.

David enjoys meeting new people, and in the diversity of clientele that both Chez Moustache and the city of Providence attract. At the end of the day — David takes great pride in making sure that his customers leave looking good and feeling satisfied.

Our “Front Man” Roger Lemelin, Chez Moustache Salon Liaison Extraordinaire

Roger Lemelin , Chez Moustache “Front Man”

Roger our “Front Man” is a retired Visual Arts Specialist from Worcester Public Schools. He is also a visual artist, actor/director, musician and puppeteer. His hobbies include — cemetery photography, ghost hunting and baking. Working at Chez Moustache is a retirement dream job for Roger. Roger started as a Chez Moustache client, and now is the shop’s front-man, keeping our customers and barbers scheduled and on time. He enjoys meeting and getting to know our clients.

Mr. Who?

Chez Moustache Master Barber Cheryl Dumont shares a day out of the shop on a Providence photo shoot.  London based men’s style company Mr Porter arranged the shoot with model, stylist and designer Ignacio Quiles. Cheryl supported the shoot as their barber on duty, and had lots of fun taming Ignacio’s beard.

Everyone is Welcome at Chez

The concept of a barber shop infers a male domain but at Chez Moustache everyone is welcome.  Maybe you like the way your partner or friend’s haircut looks after their trip to Chez, or maybe you want a blended, tapered short haircut.

Regardless your gender, Chez can give you the look you want, and in a safe and inclusive environment! We are here for you and we’re all equal at Chez!

“Before” and “After” Gallery

Below are a few of our Chez clients and their amazing transformations while at Chez Moustache. We love to post photos of our clients, so send us your photos on our Instagram page and we will post your “before” and “after” photos!

Our “Before” and “After” Gallery of Chez Clients

“Don’t Be A Sissy” …When It Comes To Beard Grooming

Picture taken February 2014.  An unruly grown out beard is quite different than a well groomed grown out beard.
Picture taken February 2014.  About six months into Joshua DeFreitas’s one-year beard growing quest.  An unruly grown-out beard is quite different than a well groomed grown-out beard.

Yep, he’s growing it out! Joshua DeFreitas is just coming up to the end of his one-year quest. It was last Labor Day when he decided to grow his beard out. Other than some minor trimming and shaping, he hasn’t touched the length of his beard for one full year. The result is a beard with wonderful length, texture and color.

Joshua reflected, “Ever since I could grow a beard I’ve had one.” He’s not sure why, but we think he feels more like his authentic self, bearded.

Patrick James Rothfuss (born June 6, 1973)
is an American writer of epic fantasy and college lecturer.

“I have always had a beard, but I could never grow it too long because I couldn’t get past the itchy phase,” Joshua said. That was until about a year ago, when Joshua was inspired to conquer the hurdle.

Joshua is an avid reader, and a fan of the fantasy (projected) trilogy book series, “The Kingkiller Chronicles.” Kingkiller author, Patrick Rothfuss dons an impressive, yet unruly beard.

At the end of last Summer Joshua attended a meet and greet book-signing event featuring the author. It was there that he met author, Patrick Rothfuss. Joshua waited patiently to have his book signed, and meet one of his favorite authors in person.

“The Kingkiller Chronicles.” author, Patrick Rothfus

When it was his turn he took the opportunity to pose a question to Rothfuss. Joshua complimented Rothfuss’s beard and asked, “ how did you make it past the itchy phase?” To this Rothfuss told Joshua, “Oh don’t be a sissy!”

That was the push he needed, and the inspiration that prompted Joshua to persevere. It’s been a year since that inspiring day, and now his quest is coming to an end.  Joshua still hasn’t decided what he’s going to do after Labor Day this year. It remains to be seen — will he cut it or will he keep it?

“Don’t Be A Sissy” — Groom Your Beard

Joshua washes his beard daily in the shower with his hair products, and then does a post-shower conditioning with hair cream. At Chez Moustache, we encourage every gentleman’s journey to express their authentic selves.   However, we encourage our clients – “don’t be a sissy” when it comes to grooming.  An unruly grown-out beard is quite different than a well groomed grown-out beard. Just ask Joshua’s gal. Although long and impressive, it is also clean, well groomed, soft and lovable. You don’t want to repel your loved ones. Grow it out, but for goodness sake – groom it!

Stop by Chez Moustache if you need any beard growing or grooming advice!

Haircuts and Hot Shaves

Licensed barbers are the only professionals who can offer shaving services.  It’s more than just a shave– it’s a relaxing and revitalizing experience that will leave your face and neck clean, incredibly smooth and hydrated.


The Straight Hot Shave

The face is first prepared with hot towels to open pores and loosen facial hair. Next a  pre-shave oil is applied and massaged into the skin to cleanse and further open pores. Warm shaving cream is then spread over the face and neck to cleanse the skin further and prepare the face for the straight edge shave.  The barber first shaves with the grain of the hair growth.  Hot towels are applied again and the barber uses the straight edge again to shave against the grain. Hot towels remove excess cream and shavings, and cold towels are applied to close the pores. A shave lotion is massaged into the skin for a smooth, finished look and feel.